MEMS manufacturing is a key enabler for the production of advanced sensors and actuators used in such applications as IoT, wearables, autonomous vehicles, robotics, digital health, precision agriculture, smart home, environmental monitoring, and many others.

According to Microtech Ventures research, the MEMS market will reach an “inflection point" in the 2024-2025 time frame which will change the economics of production to dramatically reduce costs and, therefore, significantly increase the utilization of MEMS devices throughout major industrial segments.

Given this "inflection point" and significant reduction in production costs, can the MEMS market grow to $100 billion and 1 trillion MEMS devices per year by 2027? We believe this can happen. Already, the MEMS market has been one of the few "shining stars" among its peers in the overall semiconductor market sector, and the economy on the whole. Currently, the total market for MEMS devices is around $13-14 billion per year and it is expected to grow at 12 to 15% for the next few years.

So what are the next-generation MEMS manufacturing technologies? And what are the MEMS applications that are driving the need for new fabrication techniques? These are the key questions that will drive the discussion at this event, which will feature talks from the leading MEMS experts. The future is bright for MEMS -- attend this event to identify emerging MEMS manufacturing technologies and application trends, exchange ideas, form new companies, and network with your industry peers!

Conference Topics

  • Global trends: market drivers, emerging applications, intellectual property factors, business roadmaps, government policy effects.
  • Technology aspects: process selection and development, PDKs and design rules, design for manufacturing, scaling, yield improvement, IP blocks, rapid prototyping, high volume production.
  • Business aspects: competitive and market dynamics, "pure play" foundries vs. platform-based design approaches, technology transfer, IDM vs. fabless approaches, supply chain challenges, ecosystem development, cost management and reduction.
  • Emerging technologies and processes: TSVs, 3D stacking, wafer level packaging, CMOS MEMS integration, EDA software and simulation tools, polymer and glass microfabrication, novel materials and coatings, lamination techniques, ultra-thin and flexible substrates.
  • Packaging, testing, and reliability: equipment, tools, methodologies, case studies.

Who Should Attend
  • CEOs
  • CTOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • VPs of engineering
  • VPs of manufacturing
  • VPs of operations
  • VPs of marketing
  • VPs of business development
  • MEMS foundry managers
  • Purchasing managers
  • Supply chain managers
  • Product managers and engineers
  • Marketing, sales and business development managers
  • MEMS and sensors production managers and engineers
  • MEMS and sensors design managers and engineers
  • Business development professionals
  • MEMS and sensors consultants
  • Media representatives
  • Industry analysts
  • Investment bankers

Prior Participating Companies

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“The conference was a success indeed. It was a great opportunity to connect and share expertise with other companies in the MEMS field.”
Rachid Abdallah, Research and Development Engineer, MSG Lithoglas

“This was my first year at the MEMS manufacturing conference, and I was impressed by its success! The combination of high-quality technical presentations and engaging receptions was perfect. I made great connections and walked away with real business opportunities – making it one of the easiest shows to measure ROI.”
Julia Brueckner, Application Scientist, Quantum Analytics

“Mike and the team do a great job in pulling the MEMS community together. This year’s MEMS Manufacturing 2017 conference did not disappoint, and allowed the community to come together to share new technologies and challenges that help move this growing industry forward. It was a great platform for Integra Devices to showcase our new patented methods for manufacturing microdevices.”
Paul Dhillon, President and CEO, Integra Devices

“This conference had a good mix of technical and industry attendees. Of special interest was the Start-Up Showcase. We had great conversations with customers and potential customers, and we look forward to participating in future events.”
John Field, Manager, Western Region Accounts, ULVAC

“The conference was wonderful. Perfectly organized, very good talks, and in my opinion a great success.”
Lutz Hofmann, Senior Scientist, Fraunhofer ENAS

“Shinsung C&T is the only company from Korea who attended the whole three days of conferences. As one of the Korean core material and fabless sensor providers, it was a great opportunity for me to get the most updated technology and R&D information together with knowledge on the recent market status at the conference. We really appreciate all the arrangements made available and are sure to attend your next events on MEMS for medical applications.”
Francisco Kim, R&D Head, Shinsung C&T

“The well-organized conference was very useful to me. There was a great deal of information provided by the speakers & exhibitors. The atmosphere at the conference was encouraging for discussions among the attendees, which makes the conference highly successful.”
Sanjay Shinde, Sr. Manager, Canon USA

“It was a great conference, very well prepared. Time very well spent. The growing exhibit allowed meetings with potential industry partners. I will recommend it in the future to my coworkers. It is a great meeting platform.”
Wojtek Walecki, PhD, CTO, Frontier Semiconductor

“The conference is very well organized. It was a terrific opportunity to share and learn from each other in this interdisciplinary field. The exhibitors and startups are wonderful too.”
Mingqiang Yi, CEO, Microfluidic Foundry

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